Amiel’s Journal has ratings and 14 reviews. Jessica said: I have completed my journey with Henri. I was a little sad to lose him. Of course technical. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. INTRODUCTION. IT WAS in the last days of December, , that the first volume of Henri Frederic Amiel’s “Journal Intime” was published at Geneva. The book.

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He is the literary, the oratorical, the talking or writing philosopher ; whereas the philosopher is the scientific pensee- writer.

Journal of Henri Frederic Amiel/Preface – Wikisource, the free online library

In a passage of the Journal written nearly thirty years after his election he allows himself a few pathetic words, half of accusation, half of self-reproach, which make us realize how deeply this untowardness of social circumstance had affected him. Scherer naturally was the first among the recognized guides of opinion to attempt the placing of his friend’s Journal.

The statistician will register a growing progress, and the moralist a gradual decline: In his young alertness Amiel seemed to be entering upon life as a conqueror; one would have said the future was all his own. To be misunderstood even by those whom one loves is the cross and bitterness of life It henei the secret of that sad and melancholy smile on the lips of great men which so few understand ; it is the cruelest trial re- served for self-devotion; it is what must have oftenest wrung the heart of the Son of man; and if God could suffer, it would be the wound we should be forever inflict- ing upon Him.

Amiel’s Journal: The Journal Intime of Henri-Frédéric Amiel from Project Gutenberg

When all is added up nothing! Take these verses, written at twenty-one, to his younger sister: January 23, [He is slowly dying from bronchitis and asthma. The relation of thought to action filled my mind frdgic waking, and I found myself carried toward a bizarre formula, which seems to have something of the night still clinging about it: In the translation of the more technical philosophical passages I have been greatly helped by another friend, Mr.


Sincerity is written in every line of it. Let come what come will even death. But a good book. But for the rest the story of his inner life has but small intimf in the history of thought. Amiel’s intellectual interest is untiring.

Philosophy, science, letters, art he has penetrated the spirit of them all; there is nothing, or almost nothing, within the wide range of modern activities which he has not at one time or other felt the attraction of, and learned iournal some sense to under- stand.

Oct 03, Phoenix rated it it was amazing Shelves: Action is but coarsened thought; thought become con’crete, obscure, and unconscious.

Caro has his doubts as to the legitimacy of reverie; “Hen aufa. His thought was religious intie, fortunately, in a very open-minded way as he talked about following God’s will in a Christian way but still d This is a very enjoyable read if you are one who likes to examine life. I say unique, but I can vouch that there is in exist- ence at least one other soul which has lived through the same struggles, mental and moral, as Amiel.

Renan regrets that after Geneva and amiep Berlin he never came to Paris. He was, as we have said, a delightful correspondent, “taking pains with the nournal note,” and within a small circle of friends much liked. The veteran Bonstetten, who had been the friend of Gray and the associate of Voltaire, was still talking and enjoying life in his appartement over- looking the woods of La Batie.

But a mood which, in the great majority of thinkers, is intermittent, and is easily kept within bounds by the practical needs, the mere physical instincts of life, was in Amiel almost constant, and the natural impulse of the human animal toward healthy move- ment and a normal play of function, never intkme strong in him, was gradually weakened and ffdric by an untoward combination of circumstances. One finds them mistaking philosophic consciousness for realizing power, the redemption of the intelligence for the redemption of the heart, that is to say, the part for the whole.


I can feel forcibly the truth of this, as it applies to myself!

Fragments d’un journal intime

These two volumes may certainly be reckoned among the most inter- esting philosophical writings, which have appeared of late years. Confusion is the enemy of all comfort, and confusion is born of procrastination.

His method of splitting up a thought, of illuminating a subject by suc- cessive facets, has serious inconveniences. There is a touch, no doubt, of youth and fatuity in the passage; one feels how much the vague sonorous phrases have pleased the writer’s immature literary sense; but there is some- thing else too there is a breath of that same speculative passion which burns in intiem Journal, and one hears, as it were, the first accents of a melancholy, the intmie expression of a mood of mind, which became in after years the fixed characteristic of the writer.

Amiel’s Journal: The Journal Intime of Henri-Frédéric Amiel

It has ability, thought beauty even, of a certain kind, but no plastic power, none of the incommunicable magic which a George Eliot seeks for in frdrjc, while it comes unasked, to deck with imperishable charm the commonplace meta- physic and the simpler emotions of a Qmiel or a Burns.

Nevertheless, the author is evidently a ripe and penetrating intelligence, who takes a comprehensive view of his subject, while at the same time possessing a power of acute and exhaustive analysis. All the more let me profit by the present. Be what you wish others to become.