Formless has ratings and 11 reviews. Martin said: Actually, it’s by Bois and Rosalind E. Krauss. Modern art reassessed thru Bataille. The book borrow. The concept of formlessness was re-introduced by the cultural theorists Rosalind Krauss and Yves-Alain Bois in , when they used Bataille’s notion of. Formless: A User’s Guide, [excerpt]. A User’s Guide to Entropy*. ROSALIND KRAUSS. X MARKS THE SPOT. Sometime in Bruce Nauman made a plaster.

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Silvia rated it really liked it Aug 17, No trivia or quizzes yet. They chart its krauss within a history of modernism that has always repressed it in the interest of privileging formal mastery, and they assess its destiny within current artistic production. And this in turn suggests that what is at issue is the question of boundary or contour, which is to say, of the distinction between figure and ground.

Formless: A User’s Guide: Yve-Alain Bois, Rosalind E. Krauss: : Books

A few examples of image “melting” and the “blurring of sexual difference” from the surrealist photography of Ubac, Bellmer and Man Ray are mentioned in a single sentence but never discussed. Artaud is not simply advocating transgression per se, the breakup of traditional forms and fornless per se, but something quite new, something which Derrida has no grounds to dismiss simply orauss he has never encountered it.

The dirty word is a word exposing its formoess, but, rather than doing it by moving toward some desired proper name, it exposes what is not proper and unclean about the proper name, exposing the transposition every name, by itself, is already, the transposition betraying the unspeakable, that which cannot be names. Zone Books August 25, Language: It can be “abject” Bataille put this term to usebut not in the currently “fashionable” manner now associated with Julia Kristeva.


Inspired by the strange “dictionary” Bataille published serially in the journal Documents during the late ’20s, Krauss and Bois have organized both their book and their exhibition according to an amusing “fractured” logic.

Art, according to this [mainstream modernist] view, is a sublimatory [thus repressive] activity that separates the perceiver from his or her body In the orauss of practice, they analyze it as an operational tool, the structural cunning of which has repeatedly been suppressed in the service of a thematics of art. Return to Book Page. If the authors worked on this some fifteen years, they must have had a lot of fun.

Another related aspect of the problem can be seen in Freud’s treatment, in Totem and Taboo, of the process he calls “secondary elaboration”: Indeed, the rejected alternative which according to Bois would probably have been more acceptable to Bataille, expenditure, would indeed have been a far better choice.

It is an expansive and rigorous journey. For Bois, this law is strongly linked with “Bataille’s fascination with rot and waste, with the decomposition jrauss everything.

She wants to associate the breakup of the figure-ground distinction with the formless, but is all too aware of the importance this breakup has had for that very Greenbergian modernism she is so eager to reject. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Let us now focus our attention on the word: I’m not convinced that Bois himself understands what the formless is. Or rather they produce the low, the base, as having always already been part of the high, as the stain it carries within it.


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They chart its persistence within a history of modernism that has always repressed it in the interest of privileging formal mastery, and they assess its destiny within current artistic production. Bataille’s “formless” is “base materialism,” but not the flattened “material” surface of Krausx Greenberg.

Robert Smithson goes to a great deal of trouble and expense to dump tons of dirt on a hill—the kraues “work” of the piece is then accomplished, over time, by nature entropy. Yve-Alain Bois and Rosalind E.

Sonia rated it it was amazing Oct 21, What other items do customers buy jrauss viewing this item? And he invents a space of which he is “the convulsive possession”. Our authors are therefore fighting a battle on two fronts: The book “Formless” provides an equally provocative reading of Bataille projected against some Modern and Postmodern artifacts, which the French thinker never really saw. It throws down the gauntlet in terms of innovative form foemless the boundless possibilities of thought.

Much of this has a familiar ring. The destruction of difference, the work here krxuss the matrix figure, is the destruction of form. Marc rated it really liked it Jul 31, Krauss then takes this a bit farther. In the now-classic study of Bataille’s encounter with Hegel titled, “From Restricted to General Economy,” Derrida, after a generally approving summary of Bataille’s transgressive strategies, hesitates: