Potencial alelopático de bambúes tropicales. Efecto sobre la germinación y el crecimiento de cultivos tropicales []. Ríos, C., Universidad Central Marta. MURILLO P, Elizabeth; VINA P, Amparo; RUIZ T, Víctor H and PEREZ C, Carlos A. EFECTO ALELOPÁTICO DE LA FRACCIÓN CLOROFÓRMICA DE Lagascea. Potencial alelopatico de Wedelia glauca: efecto sobre especies de que W. glauca tiene potencial alelopático bajo condiciones controladas.

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Botanical Bulletin of Academia Sinica Acacia dealbata Link silver wattle, aromo one of the most widely distributed species of the genus Acacia. Leaf litter extract was the one which most inhibited the radicle elongation of Q. Many native species are thought to be threatened by A.

The results show that A. Aleloptico plantas que crecen cerca o bajo el dosel de Acacia dealbata Link Fabaceae, subfamilia: In flowers, the anisal benzaldehyde was found, while in pods, quinolizidine alkaloid lupanine was identified.

No existen en Santiago del Estero antecedentes sobre el particular y son muy pocos los estudios realizados en la Argentina. Los resultados alcanzados proveen evidencia que W. This area is characterized by a temperature of The mechanism of the metabolite interaction is established taking into account the mitotic index of the radicular meristeme, the micromorphologic study of the root and the conductivity of the cellular efflux.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

The responses obtained with aqueous extracts indicate A. American Chemical Society, Except for pods, all other plant parts induced a significant reduction of germination of Q. Insecticidal and antifungal chemicals produced by plants: Journal of Chemical Ecology This statement is based on the significant reductions observed in hypocotyl and radicle growth, in addition to varying degrees of necrosis in the latter that will prevent the formation of root hairs and result in the inability to absorb water and nutrients from soil Steudle Allelopathic potencial of Wedelia glauca: Mimosoideaewhich includes about species Lorenzo et al.


The ecosystem and evolutionary contexts of allelopathy. Description of the radicle necrosis degree Aguilera et al. Manipulating the lipid resorcinol pathway to enhance allelopathy in rice. Also, aqueous extracts of leaves and seeds of Acacia cyanophylla Lindl. The observed bioactivity is contrasted with the corresponding one in the raw ethanolic extract.

Germination percentage and radicle length cm was determined. Variability of quinolizidine alkaloid profiles of Lupinus argenteus Fabaceae from North America.

Growth conditions and measurements were the same as in previous experiment. These results are consistent with those previously obtained by Aguilera et al. Efeitos sobre plantas daninhas de pastagens.

Plant Growth Regulation Invasive alien plants and their effects on native microbial soil communities. Allelopathic compounds from Acacia dealbata wfecto affected the germination and early growth of the two native target species. Soil modification by invasive plants: The results provides showed that W.

Allelopathic potencial of Wedelia glauca: effects on horticultural species

Twenty five seeds of Q. Los efectos sobre el crecimiento o nutricionales que muchas veces se observan en el campo, no pueden precisar con exactitud si se trata de toxicidad de herbicidas o de otras causas no definidas. The secretory systems of the Asteraceae family their sgnificance in cosmetics and aromatherapy. Biological activity obtained from different parts of A. Several alelopatici have been proposed to allelopatico the success of introduced plants in their non-native range Hierro et al.


This phenomenon has been attributed to allelopathy; one of the strategies used by A. Aqueous extracts of leaves presented more intense alellopathic potential activity than the rhizome extracts, demonstrated through marked inhibitions in germination and radicle growth of the test species. Effects and identification of chemical compounds released from the invasive Acacia dealbata Link.

Efecto alelopático de Phyla strigulosa sobre germinación y crecimiento de cultivos

This proposal is based on the idea that plants can release chemicals compounds into the environment, and that these chemicals may suppress the growth and development of other surrounding plants; a process known as allelopathy Inderjit aleloaptico al. Wedelia glauca Asteraceae popularmente conocida como sunchillo, es una maleza perenne ampliamente difundida en Argentina.

The amount of plant material per square meter deposited naturally from A. It is important to consider that both native species share the range of A. Does allelopathy explain the invasiveness of Campuloclinium macrocephalum pompom weed in the South African grassland biome?