7 मार्च Flowers white. It perenates by fleshy roots/root-tubers. Tuberous root is used in ayurvedic medicin. Cultivation of safed musli is more profitable. of many Ayurvedic tonics. The roots fetch an attractive market price (presently. Rs , per kg of dry peeled fleshy roots). Safed musli. CLIMATE. It can be. Chlorophytum borivilianum (family Liliaceae) is a high-value medicinal plant becoming rare because it is harvested fromthe wild. To encourage.

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Seed treatment To protect crop from insect, pest and diseases, treatment of fungicide and growth promoter are done. Intercultural Operations in Safed Musli Cultivation: It is found mainly in tropical and subtropical Africa.

Soil should have proper drainage to drain out any excess water. Fruits are greenish to yellow in color and mainly produce in July — December.

Safed Musli could be easily intercropped in between maize rows. After the leaf fall, the tubers should continue to be in the ground and they should not be plucked as the tube colour start changing and this will give more value. For land preparation firstly single deep cultivation cultivatioon done before sowing and then tillering are done.


The crop matures in about 90 days under cultivation. These varieties safwd maintained and collected by RAU, Udaipur. I agree to the Terms. The respondents of both the categories possessed minimum knowledge regarding some of the subaspects of improved cultivation of safed musli viz. However, water-logging should be avoided by providing proper drainage. Please enter your email address.


Package of Practices for Cultivation of Guggal Commiphora wightii. In the forest seedlings emerge out from the ground within days after receipt of rains.

Safed Musli Crop Information | Apni Kheti

Generally maturity of the muali can be identified by drying up and falling leaves. Season for Safed Musli Cultivation: Sow Safed musli seeds on raised beds of 1.

Flowers are star shaped, 2cm across safd yellow or green in color. In rainy season, irrigation is not required but in the absence of rains irrigation is required at proper intervals. The harvested fleshy roots are cleaned and skin is removed.

You will receive a link to create a new password. The botanical name of Safed musli is Chlorophytum borivilianum.

From dried material several products like Safed musli powder and Safed musli tonics are made after processing. Application of Bavistin solution 1g in 1 litre of water at the interval of 25 days is given twice to control red spot. The major findings of the study are as follows: It is better to prepare raised beds along the slope of the land for proper drainage.

The crop may be sown after receipt of rains. Apply post-emergence weedicide 1 week after emergence of weeds and two weeds of the crop are required to free it from the weeds which should be controlled manually.

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How to grow Safed Musli (Chlorophytum Borivilianum) – Krishisewa

On maturity the tubers give maximum quantity. It take days to sprout. Water seedling beds 24hours before transplanting so that seedlings can be easily uprooted and be turgid at transplanting time. In case of water problem and to use the mjsli effectively at root system, one can opt out for drip irrigation. Brinjal Varieties and Diseases Information.


After sowing cover bed with light soil.

Local Names of Safed Musli in India: Major pests found in safed musli cultivation are: One to two weeding-cum-hoeings are needed to keep the soil porous and free of weedy growth. This plant has excellent ayurvedic musll.

KrishiKosh (कृषिकोश)

At the same time, it was noted that non-tribals number 13 The seed rate depends on the cultivar and approximately to kg of seed is required to cover 1 acre crop.

The demand of this herb is fulfilled by the collection from forest.

Sign in New account You have successfully login. Do frequent weeding, hoeing and earthing up and keep field weed free till 3 months. Treatment with Humicil 5ml in 1 litre of water or Dithane M 5gm per litre is done muski protect crop from soil borne diseases.

It could be propagated through seeds as well as by vegetative means root-stock bearing buds or growing points.

As part of the land preparation, raised beds should be prepared by keeping the distance of 24 inches and 12 inches of height to prevent water logging and for the proper development of the tubers. Heavy block cotton soils are not suitable of musli cultivation.