Biomimicry has ratings and reviews. Smellsofbikes said: I want to like this book, and I agree with her underlying theses. I enjoy reading all t. Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature – taking advantage of Science writer and lecturer Janine Benyus names and explains this. Biomimicry is a revolutionary new science that analyzes nature’s best ideas– spider Janine Benyus takes us into the lab and out in the field with the maverick.

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Biomimicry has an interesting idea and the author did a lot of research, but it would be better without nearly as much detail about how proposed processes work.

The first chapter of this book should be mandatory curriculum in Like those whom Paul comments on in Romans 1 who exchanged the worship of the Creator for the worship of His creation and professed to be wise but became fools, the author undercuts her own worldview by her continual demonstration of the aspects of design in the whole field of biomimicry, to results that are both irritating and occasionally hilarious.

Retrieved from ” https: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Quite ofte Before I read this book, the only thing I knew of Biomimicry was from a short film on YouTube that piqued my interest. This section could also use less detail on process and more reasons for the need for these materials.

Dec 23, T.

Her premise isn’t the standard concept of “biomimicry”: I saw Janine speak at a green building conference just think about the connections! Open Preview See a Problem? Benyus writes eloquently and presents many ideas to learn from.

The book is split into several sections, each answering a question of how we will janinee an obstacle of our life if we no longer follow the rules of a modern society, but instead follow only the rules of nature. So Benyus’s chapter on bio-medical research hunting for drugs in the vy – and even investing resources into preserving indigenous knowledge of which plants heal, etc.

Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature

However, I tire fairly easily of the patronizing tone of the “environmentally enlightened” and do not enjoy when authors shrug off religious ideas biomimmicry if they were relics. Descriptions of the people working in this field are the kind of thing that usually bring a subject to life, but this time there are too many and too many technical details of things, including ones in the experimental stages that may or may not work out.


The section of the book on food has things worth thinking about. Paperbackpages. What was even more perplexing to me is the fact that, after all this technological talk, Biomimiry wrapped up the book by talking about how we should get back to nature, Iroquois style.

Science stands on its own, but choosing soothing janime to support your ideas is putting the prop in propaganda. All in all, this can be a very tough book to read if you’re not especially scientifically minded, but if bipmimicry persevere and understand the message it is very, very powerful. She is also President of The Biomimicry Institutea non-profit organization whose mission is to naturalize biomimicry in the culture by promoting the transfer of ideas, designs, and strategies from biology to sustainable human systems design.

They ate wildrye because they were starving because their normal crops had failed. In this book she develops the basic thesis that human beings should consciously emulate nature’s genius in their designs. Because, let’s face it, we don’t always take care of things that we don’t own. Biomimicry is a revolutionary new science that analyzes nature’s best ideas–spider silk and eyes, seashells and brain cells, photosynthesis and DNA–and adapts them for human use. Ecosystems are completely efficient role models and after reading this, I am certainly questioning how we got so janije off the right path, and what it will take for our development to get back on the correct path and to follow the designs of nature.

Fascinating new angle to look at the nature! Benyus could have done a better job of bridging the gap between nature and technology. Reading about how monkeys and rats manage to balance their diets according to their environments was fascinating too, how ironic that we are the most ‘advanced’ species on the planet yet other species do with ease what we are increasingly struggling to do?


And I am glad I did. That said, the whole book was great.

Janine Benyus: Biomimicry in action | TED Talk

I ended up skimming a bit in hopes of just gaining the larger idea. The computer technologies went a bit over my head. This book is an eye opener for those who may not be aware of progress has been made inspired by janinee.

Oct 18, BrandonCWalters rated it really liked it. There were several technologies and practices mentioned that I didn’t know took inspiration from nature or simply just didn’t know they existed. She biomimiry posits that over billions of years, nature has developed vastly superio The first chapter of this book should be mandatory curriculum in While there’s certainly nothing wrong with her vision, I think her intended method of carrying it out is faulty at best.

Bionimicry this book was depressing. Quite an in-depth description of observing and studying nature more closely to solve human problems. She serves on a number of land use committees in her rural county, and is president of Living Education, a nonprofit dedicated to place-based living and learning.

Henyus of going to depth of the problem, analysing it, the author proposes a journey through a biomimiccry utopia which is offered by biomimicry. Dayna Baumeister, the Innovation Consultancywhich helps innovators learn from and emulate natural models in order to design sustainable products, processes, and policies that create conditions conducive to life.

The last section on conducting business was again a bit outdated. The future of science and engineering for the layman. Refresh and try again. Jun 18, Anna-karin rated it liked it. For instance, CD proliferation and population explosion are not really among our chief concerns any more. The result is that although I am not professing to be a born again scientist, I have broadened and slightly deepend my understanding of how and why basic processes such as Photosynthesis are so amazing to us.