One of the most salt and drought tolerant palms, Allagoptera arenaria, or seashore palm, is a beautiful tropical palm from the coastal regions of Brazil. Based on. Common Name: Coast Palm. Allagoptera arenaria. Cultivated plant in Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Florida, USA Photograph by: Carl E. lewis. Image credit . Seashore palm, Beach palm. Atlantic coast of Brazil, from Bahia to Sao Paulo.

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Any mistake can be easily corrected, so don’t be afraid. The seashore palm is cultivated arenria in South America for the edible fruits which are eaten fresh or made into a drink or jam. The seashore palm is one of the best palms for beach and coastal situations in subtropical and tropical settings. It is endemic to the Atlantic Coast of Brazil, where it grows in coastal sand dunes, just above the high tide mark. It is also one of the few palms allagotera do great along the beach communities here in So Cal as the salt air doesn’t seem to hurt it any.

Less than 3 m. It can also be propagated through underground stools rhizomes. A Bit of Brazil in Vero. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All images copyright of the artists and photographers see images for credits.

Sea Palm, Dwarf Palm, Restinga Palm

Retrieved from ” https: If you needs a small low maintenance, but graceful looking palm, it doesn’t get any better than Allagoptera arenaria It is also very ‘user friendly’ with soft, leathery leaves and has not sharp edges or spines. It is a slow grower but worth the wait! Palms recycle nutrients from dead or dying fronds and use them for healthier fronds.

I planted a 5 gallon on a hill in a nasty decomposing granite soil about ten years ago and it walked right through our Riverside CA extremes of 19 degrees F. Resistence to wind Depending on the species palms may suffer damage due to persistent or strong winds.


This palm is very drought tolerant once established. Many Special Thanks to Ed Vaile for his long hours of tireless editing and numerous contributions.

Allagoptera arenaria

Comprehensive information on the plants range and habitat, brief description, some uses and almost photos. This plant has been said to grow in the following regions: This is a tillering palm, it exhibits saxophone style root growth it has a heelkeep top third of heel above soil elevation!

It grows in coastal strand, just above the high tide mark, and is widely cultivated as an ornamental throughout South America. Soils Some allagopteraa need fertile and well drained soils; others can grow in calcareous soils and even soils poor in organic matter, provided that they drain well drained ; other palms are very rustic and can grow in practically all types of soil, even in clay and poor soils.

Flowers look sort of like corn-cobs on a long stick peduncle. Tropical Plants Database, Arenariia Fern. This page was last modified Publisher Kampong Publications, California. However it considered an agonizingly slow-growing plant when it is young, at least when grown in a Mediterranean climate. It has arched pinnate leaves, spineless, that are bright green above and silver below.

It could not be found in herbaria in Portugal or Brazil.

Minimum temperature Minimum temperature at which an adult plant can survive the winter. It is very tolerant of extreme coastal and beach exposure, as well as salt spray. The species name, arenaria comes from the Latinfor “sandy” or growing in sandy sites.

Crownshaft Sometimes at the base of the leaves, there is a marked thickening around the trunk of the palm. Martius described Diplothemium maritimum and D.

The leaves are used to make baskets and other woven objects. In its native environment, the seashore palm is highly tolerant of poor soils that have good drainage, thriving in soils that are thoroughly moist.

The leaves are used to make baskets and other woven objects. Wied-Neuwied also referred to a collection brought by Martius from Brazil, arfnaria unfortunately no herbarium contains that material; the search was done at M, B, LE, and several Brazilian herbaria.


Other palms have flowers of both sexes on different plants dioicous plants. Arecaceae ar-ek-AY-see-ee Info Genus: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Year ISBN Description An excellent book, giving basic information on all the species of palms native to the Americas that were known in Diameter of the trunk Width or diameter which the trunk of the palm normally reaches when it is adult. Once it reaches 15 gallon size, its growth rate in a Mediterranean climate would still be considered slow-growing, but would be faster than the painfully slow pace during its seedling stage.

It is one of the best palms for beach and coastal situations in subtropical and tropical settings and can be planted just above the high tide mark.

And thanks to their drought resistance and durability to heat they can thrive in harsh urban conditions. Seashore palm, Beach palm. Seashore palm, Restinga palm.

Allagoptera arenaria

Drought resistance In this guide, the palm species are classified according to their drought resistance and tolerance to dry environments. In its native environment, the seashore palm is highly tolerant of poor soils that have good drainage, thriving in soils that are thoroughly moist.

Stan Walkley’s Garden, Queensland, Australia. Contents 1 Common Names: Seashore palms grown in Zone 9 may require protection during cold spells. They have done a spectacular job with the landscaping using many, many unusual and odd plants.

About three years ago I decided to try to remove it from the distant hill area to put it closer to the house where it could be seen and admired more often.