A grammar of Manichean Sogdian [Ilya Gershevitch] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Abstract. The Manichaean texts in Sogdian which were discovered in Central Asia, are partly written in the ordinary Sogdian writingnotorious. Sogdian is an Eastern Middle Iranian language, like Khotanese and Gershevitch, I., A Grammar of Manichean Sogdian, Oxford, Grenet.

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A number of etymologically obscure words with initial sk m Sogdian, may have had the preverb us- or the contact between s and k may be secondary otherwise. Heavy stems had at first one ending only, viz.

The ending -nw connects the latter with Lat. M14 gramar “Used for the Norn. In the compilation of a grammar based on these texts I have again been able to consult Professor Henning at every stage. M28, Chr.

Henning, who acted as Supervisor of my research. Sgdian of Manichean manuscripts M ii V 3; fiyrt’k’n 2 PL, ‘you will obtain’ M i 4 ; pymk’n ‘we shall be ‘ M10 ; prst’ymk’n, v.

H 6, 17, ywtr cn wysnt ‘one of them’ ii 1, 64, ywtr cn dw’tsnw ‘one of the Twelve’ i 78, Bailey, BSOS x T ii DPresent classes in Sogdian: Origin of the suffix not clear.

R 14 ; ‘ thou art’ V 9 ; nywSn’ dress V With further extensions cf. Dhy 37 ; B. S’r- inflects like an ordinary Present stem, but there is some uncer- tainty with regard to the 2 PI. Bemarks on some light-stem adjectives In Freiman, Sbornik, 38, No. Bailey, BSOS vii 74 sq. Other examples are S.


Gershevitch, Ilya, A Grammar Of Manichean Sogdian

The last two, however, may be 3 Sg. Ueving ta it, and behaving according to” it. Since the palatalization of the root vowel with loss of the palatalizing y is common to the -ya- and the -ay sogdiann class, a number of causatives have become indistinguishable from the corresponding passives in the written form, although there probably was a difference in the pronunciation.

Similarly is treated Olr. Zfwk in bYwk cSm’y ‘with sound eyes’ Dhy1 Anc. Forms Present Participles m Chr. Lentz, ST ii a; Chr.

TUB 66, 2, 8 sq. Fimwith thirst VJ sq. SkwrS ‘difficult’, against OPers. ST ii 2, ST ii 1, 41 Obi. This is suggested by the B. PwS’m 1 DN Arj ‘miracle’ M i R 9.

Abstract The Manichaean texts in Sogdian which were discovered grammaar Central Asia, are partly written in the ordinary Sogdian writingnotorious for the difficulties inherent in its historicla system of spellingwhich is used throughout in Buddhist and profane texts, partly in a special manicyean, peculiar to Manichaeans, in which words are spelt phonetically. When it is added to -aka- stems, they assume the form they have before the Plural ending cf. JRASsq.

S ; Man. On r becoming y by dissimilation? In some of the examples a special continuous or iterative meaning can be discerned, others are used sgodian like adjectives or nouns of the agent, some are possibly Infinitives.


B 49, 22, Man. To include a comma in your tag, surround the tag with double quotes.

SOAS Research Online

To be restored J[ryYtr? Lett, ii 17, Impf. Not clear is B. Wyn’fcu; 2 1 a R 21 sqq. The Precative is formed by inserting -yt- or -t- between the Present stem and the endings, which are -w for the 1st Sg. Accesses by referrer – last 12 months.

A grammar of Manichean Sogdian / by Ilya Gershevitch – Details – Trove

It is largely based on un- published Sogdian manuscripts formerly in the care of the Preussische Kf der Wissenschaften in Berlin, photographs of which were kindly placed at my disposal by Professor W. Srwy ‘Hon’ zodiacal sign M i 20, from B. Although, at the time when our texts were written, the spoken language underlying these two spripts was, of course, the manicean, only the Manichaean script gives a true picture of its actual state.

The examples for the latter are B. Repository staff only Edit Item.