La Caverna De Las Ideas/ The Cave of Ideas by Jose Carlos Somoza, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Be the first to ask a question about The Athenian Murders .. La caverna de las ideas ist bislang das einzige Buch, das ich von Somoza gelesen habe, und so. The Athenian Murders is an historical mystery novel written by Spanish author José Carlos Somoza. Originally published in Spain under the title La caverna de las ideas (The Cave of Ideas) in , it was translated into English in by Sonia Soto. The Athenian Murders is Somoza’s first novel to be published in English.

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La Caverna De Las Ideas/ The Cave of Ideas

caflos It is worth finishing, idfas, not only to learn “whodunit,” but also to see how events play out on the metafictional level of the text. From the first, however, a translator also peeks through — and he gets far more involved with the text than he could have imagined. Despite the relatively poor presentation The Athenian Murders is worth reading.

The text bleeding into the translator’s life and its implications made me more and more uneasy as well.

The Athenian Murders by José Carlos Somoza

Perhaps because, as I mentioned, it does not require as much work from the reader as Pale Fire. I’m trying hard not dw write spoilers, so I’m just going to say that it has been a very long time since I read anything with that many levels, that many ideas and that much inspiration. Heracles Pontor has little use for abstractions or ideas: Only when the translator gets more closely and personally involved with the text does Somoza manage to convince, almost redeeming himself.


It’s one of the best books I’ve read in years. That Someone is known as the Interpreter, or Translator. Mildly interesting effort to weave a debate about Dionysian mania vs Platonic forms into a ‘postmodern’ mystery novel set in Athens after the Peloponnesian Soomza.

Jul 22, Scurra rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sinuhe, el Egipcio Mika Waltari. Moreover, I’d add another couple of titles that came to mind while reading this: Now the book takes a frightening turn; two more classmates of the first victim are murdered [or in one case, is it suicide?

La Caverna De Las Ideas (Spanish, Paperback)

So, the translator is translating The Athenian Murders originally called The Cave of Ideas, a much better name, I think and he starts noticing eidetic images in the book words and phrases repeated a lot, that the author is using to tell something to the reader. It’s “The Sixth Sense,” but rendered in prose and about a thousand times better.

Jan 13, Rise rated it it was amazing. The upshot of it was that I felt like the whole point of my studying literature was being interrogated and found wanting, and I felt like the author dragged me along for the ride along with the l who is honestly a great stand-in for the literary reader, I felt like I was walking in his shoes.

Another, very different, philosophical acquaintance of Heracles, Crantor, recounts a “widely held belief in many place far from Athens”: Add to that the simultaneous progression of the Translator always appearing only as footnotes, which become increasingly intense, emotional and lengthy as his own involvement with the book increases.


The que This book was a surprise to me. I had issues especially concerning the language, because I read it I was handed this book by a friend xaverna started reading it without knowing anything about it, not even having read the backcover.

The Athenian Murders – Wikipedia

Somoza’s narrative is supposed to be a modern translation of an ancient Greek murder mystery! View all 3 comments.

First, unavoidably, a note on the title. Heracles sets out to cavegna the truth… But this is nothing more than a novel, an ancient Greek work by an anonymous writer.

Yes at heart it is a murder mystery, and if you don’t lik Like The Club Dumasthis book is not what it appears to be. So five stars is what I believe this book deserves. The cqverna novel features a number of locations significant to ancient Greek philosophy.

His captor turns out to be the scholar Montalo, whose edition of The Athenian Murders is the only surviving copy of the work. The Athenian Murders is Somoza’s first novel to be published in English. This book was a wonderful blend of both.

There is a visit to the Academy. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.