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System of automated estimation of grain impurity level.

Portera piecu spēku analīze

Darbo apimtis — 47 psl. Methods for the transformation of the uploaded image into konkurent spatial object – a point cloud. Vilnius,55 p.

During the second stage, there analise a survey of the experts by applying a semi-structured interview method. To study the influence of individual predictors of the dependent variable, and the impact of the model as a whole, was used univariate and multivariate regression analysis. Darbo apimtis — 49 p. Vilnius,47 pages without additions, 35 images, 4 tables, 15 additions.

The system operates and tested in real environment. The computer software was created aiming to calculate the dispersion, absorption and propagation characteristics of the structures under consideration. Testing of the program and system check konkureentu successfully Keywords: Master studies in English. The back-end server is fully accessible to both mobile and web applications via an application programming interface the server exposes.

The sample set consists of x px resolution photos that are divided into three classes: Django framework, Python, Raspberry pi, graphical user interface, e-ink. The software is used to measure, store everyday ECG data and represent the cardiogram and the rhytmogram graphically. All main image processing operations are from OpenCV library.

Verify the chosen method in localizing an embedded system and mapping its surroundings using sensors and virtual environment.


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Konkurnetu the selected microcontroller, an algorithm for controlling watering, moisture, light and temperature sensors was created. System for Automated Detection of Dog Walking Prohibition Violations is a system aimed to replace security guards, tasked with surveillance of parks or private sites.

The company’s business plan is prepared. Both systems are made to analiez flexible and extensible, so they can be adapted to any system. Size of work — 57 p. Students name, surname Evaldas Sieba. Institute of High Magnetic Fields.

Njemačke kompanije napuštaju Rusiju

In the second phase we use Google Cardboard libraries to create additional project functions. I have also performed an analysis of competitiveness criteria and strategy of sales.

The aim of the final master’s thesis — research on oscillation stabilization methods for the nanosatellite ant adapt B-Dot method for the satellite stabilization. Text without appendixes, 42 illustrations, 12 tables.

Therefore, dependence of the content of the mass media on advertisement when objective information reduces may mean less confidence in an information spreader as well as less creative independence.

Market analysis is performed by assessing it’s current status and future predictions, possible interference and opportunities to consolidate our position in the market. In the final work a program is created, that lets you see and move your hands ir virtual reality while using Microsoft Kinect and aditional sensors.

Three-dimensional models for visual application were created in the Blender editor. Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas, Vilnius, The main objective of the final bachelor thesis is to create an automatic soil moisturizing control system.

Wireless connection, sensor network, mobile system, Raspberry Pi, smart house.

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Thesis consists of 7 parts: The user interface uses buttons and an LCD screen that displays sensor information and allows you to easily change the settings for soil watering. Management interface is independent of the firmware, can perform all the necessary functions and satisfy the result without having a connection with it. The electrocardiograph satisfies the requirements of the assignment: The LCD screen program code is designed to be controlled by buttons, which allows select the desired features.


The aim of the final bachelor work is to create a system where a user could monitor his rooms environment and control common electronic devices and lights. There is also a mobile application that was generated.

Darbo apimtis – 57p. Examples of methods for representing a spatial object in virtual reality in the Google Chrome browser window using “WebGL” and real-time management konurentu the position of spatial object with an additional smart device.

McQuailthe bigger dependence of the mass media is on promotion and advertising as a source of revenue the more favourable conditions are for emerging of the dependence of the content of the mass media on advertisers and business interests in general. The video surveillance program codes described in this work are intended for image processing, storage and sending data to the system lonkurentu.

In accordance to schemes the two-sided printed board was manufactured for the control module and sketch of the construction was designed. Created and implemented algorithms using koniurentu Matlab Simulink software package. The prototype of device was created after creating structural and principle diagrams.

Bachelor studies in English. Research Institute for Telecommunications.