Cálculo: una variable. Front Cover. Jon Rogawski. Editorial Reverté, S.A., – Mathematics Bibliographic information. QR code for Cálculo: una variable. Title, Cálculo: varias variables. Cálculo, Jon Rogawski · Cálculo, 2a. ed. original, Jon Rogawski. Author, Jon Rogawski. Translated by, Gloria García García. : Cálculo: una variable () by Jon Rogawski and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at.

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Jennifer Somerville Media Editor: He has published numerous research articles in leading mathematics journals, including the research monograph Automorphic Representations of Jln Groups in Three Variables Princeton University Press. Each exercise was worked and evaluated, and carefully revised by the author to further enhance quality and quantity.

For adopters of Calculus, Second Edition, W. The formal language of mathematics is intimidating to the uninitiated. Jon is a passionate classical music lover and plays the violin and classical guitar.

Cálculo – Varias Variáveis – 2ª edição – Jon Rogawski

However, the section on Taylor polynomials is designed so that you can cover it together with the material on power series and Taylor series in Chapter 10 if you prefer this order. Early in my teaching career, I was confronted with a student rebellion when my efforts to explain epsilon-delta proofs were not greeted with the enthusiasm I anticipated.

Experiences of this type taught me two basic principles:. Ruth Baruth Senior Acquisitions Ojn By presenting concepts in everyday language, which is more familiar but not less precise, we open the way for students to understand the underlying ideas and integrate them into their way of thinking.


Cálculo : una variable – Jon Rogawski – Google Books

Experiences of this type taught me two basic principles: Placement of Taylor Polynomials Taylor polynomials appear in Chapter 8, before infinite series in Chapter To show how calculus directly relates to the real world, the Second Edition features many fresh and creative examples and exercises centered on innovative, contemporary applications from engineering, the life sciences, physical sciences, business, economics, medicine, and the social sciences.

Tyler Holzer Market Development: I also wanted students to be aware, early in the calfulo, of the beauty of the subject and the important role it will play, both in their further studies and in their understanding of the wider world. Bill Page Production Coordinator: Tony Palermino Development Editor: The key changes include:. It will also be available with a full eBook option.

Through the text, there are new and updated figures to enhance the graphics and labeling and link the art with the exposition and student understanding.

Together, these procedures far exceed prior industry standards to safeguard the quality and precision of a calculus textbook.

The key changes include: We have in place unparalleled procedures to ensure the accuracy of all facets of the text: Encouraged by the enthusiastic response to the First Edition, I approached the new edition with the aim of further developing these strengths. My textbook follows a largely traditional organization, with a few exceptions.

As a successful teacher for more than 30 years, Jon Rogawski has listened to and learned much from his own students. Exercise sets have undergone meticulous reviewing by users and nonusers to refine this very strong feature of Rogawski. My goal is to present Taylor polynomials as a natural extension of the linear approximation. Calculus has calcuulo deservedly central role in higher education. These manuals are available in printed versions through custom publishing.


Freeman will increase the current first edition offering to include approximately algorithmically generated questions with full solutions from the text, plus access to cqlculo shared national library test bank with thousands of additional questions, including problem sets correlated to the table of contents.

We have in place unparalleled procedures to ensure the accuracy of all facets of the text:.

Terri Ward Development Editor: Interactive eBook The Interactive eBook integrates a complete and customizable online version of the text with its media resources. Their insights and creative ina brought numerous improvements to the text. I paid special attention caalculo the following aspects of the text:. Software manuals covering Maple and Mathematica are offered within CalcPortal.

Katrina Wilhelm Editorial Assistant: WebAssignPremiumforthenewedition of Calculus offers thousands of exercises, plus tutorial videos. The Language of Mathematics A1 B.