The huge international bestseller: a simple fable with profound lessons for working and living in an ever changing world. Our Iceberg is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions, John Kotter On the surface, Our Iceberg Is Melting is a simple story of a colony of. a mult of the book and m)”.harin& it with a few P”Iceberg. Is Melting. C/u”‘lIi”ll and S1JCC«di”ll. Undo- Any Conliitions. John Kotter.

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He knew he had to do something. When a person is skeptical, they follow wherever the evidence leads. Martin’s Press first published Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The idea that adults cannot speak plainly about conflicts or issues is just insulting. The story charts how a small group lead the colony through the process of coming up with a solution and effecting their plan.

jihn And if you are pressed for time, turn to the last chapter of the penguin book for the 8 vital steps of realizing change and growth in an organization. For example, a leadersh Meh. With offices in Seattle, Boston, and London and team members located across the US and Europe, Kotter’s consulting and leadership development offerings identify and build leadership potential throughout an organization, in turn creating a movement capable of sustaining results in an ever-changing world.

Meltiing Rathgeber spent his early professional career in Asia. The only other female characters even present are a mentally unstable and overly emotional kindergarten teacher and a small penguin child. They were skeptical of a ,otter life but when tried there was more food, prosperous environments and more resources. Skeptics were portrayed as doubter and naysayers but that is not an accurate use of the word.

We need to remind the birds what they have heard and remind them all the time! If your iceberg is sinking, Mr. When the Leadership Council said they were too busy with other matters to investigate the cave forming in the iceberg, Alice asked the Head Penguin, Louis, to invite Fred to speak at the next Leadership Council.

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A group of penguins find themselves on ice which develops cracks. Aug 14, Jonathan Noble rated it it was amazing. If a person in your organization does not ‘get the message’ the first time — then how is another simpleton leadership book about Willy the Sloth or Timmy the Train going to convince them otherwise?

Our Iceberg is Melting by John Kotter

Our Iceberg Is Melting: Contact us at I wish I’d read this book years ago! The tale “is one of resistance to change and heroic action, seemingly intractable obstacles and the most clever tactics for dealing with those obstacles” quotes from dust jacket. The focus of this book is leading change, and is based on John Kotter’s “8 Steps to Leading Change” originally outlined in his book “Leading Change”.

This book, taught me many things that will help me during my life. The second wave of scouts found the iceberg that seemed most suitable: He is co-founder of Kotter International, a change management an John P.

People who don’t work ifeberg the corporate world often succumb to the temptation to meltong in wild conspiracy theories about plans for world domination by evil corporate overlords. Make It Stick 8. Decide What to Do 3. Simple explanatory material following the fable enhances the lasting value of these lessons.

Our Iceberg is Melting

The use of the penguin fable allows the authors to present these steps in mslting context of a story that illustrates how the steps work together in enabling the penguins to make a significant change in their lives.

The shy, unassuming Fred is worried. Call now to discuss whether we might be a good fit.

Create a sense of urgency. Published September 5th by St.

The main theme of the book is how change can be very difficult and it should be worked out with good planning and team effort. See more book details 02 January icdberg It turns out, this seagull was a scout flying ahead of the flock looking for where they might live next. If there are a number icebergg elementary school level b They need to stop killing trees for these kinds of books, even if they are used in ‘board rooms and leadership committees’.


A change in feelings can lead to a significant change in behavior. Create a New Culture Hold on to the new ways of behaving, and make sure they succeed, until they become strong enough to replace old traditions. A good book about change management narrated in a very simplistic language and in the method of storytelling.

I can hardly iecberg it more than two stars at this stage… Be relentless with irritating change after change until the vision is a reality Make It Stick 8.

Make it Happen 4. Louis became a grandfather figure for the whole colony and its number one teacher. That being the case, then there is nothing else to be done with your staff development plans but to take the obvious plunge: But contained within the story and the characters is a powerful message about the fear of change and how to motivate people to face the future and take action.

The only downside of the book is that it requires a certain bit of honesty on your part, while you are reading it. A must-read for anyone dealing with managing change. Fred must cleverly convince and enlist key players, such as Louis, the head penguin; Ohr, the number two bird; the intractable NoNo the weather expert; kitter a passle of school-age penguins if he is to save the colony.

A note for those in US board rooms and leadership committees who initiate cruel and unusual punishment by forcing others to share in your literary high wierdness: If there are a number of elementary school level books that discuss change, then is change actually possible when there is no shortage of newly published reflux in this genre?

Our Iceberg Is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions

When one curious bird discovers problem signs in the jojn, few penguins want to listen to him. I think this book is for everyone. Collect data, analyze it.