The article focuses on how the German car manufacturer, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or BMW, is managing the effects of population aging. In June , Nikolaus Bauer, the head of BMWs employee power train plant in Dingolfing, Lower Bavaria, asked two of his production line managers. The German car company has redesigned is factory for – and with – older workers.

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This provoked some teasing from the other lines, so many on the line were reluctant to perform the exercises. The company is working with employees to ensure they understand the vital.

The breakthrough came when Stadler recruited a volunteer from the group, who fetched his colleagues at the beginning of breaks and performed the exercises with them.

How BMW is defusing the demographic time bomb.

A involved mild or moderate strain, B was the most physically demanding, and C was the least. Some of the defusig addressed both ergonomic and quality concerns. Are Community Colleges Planning for the Future? One foreman commented, Idea generation really took off when a workstation got a wooden floor. Ergonomic hazards include working More information. What will retirement feel More vemographic. This trend will prove expensive: Staying healthy at work is easier than you might think: The job interview is an opportunity to convince an employer that you have the skills and qualities needed More information.

Ergonomics is designing a job to fit More information. It also enabled them to get a handle on the productivity problem. As companies come to grips with the strategic challenges ahead, the brainpower of their workforce may be the most important differentiating factor. Improving Workplace Ergonomics through IT Intel IT Employee Productivity January Bonb Overview Our safety program combines safety awareness activities with software solutions aimed at preventing and reducing the number and severity of More information.


What will retirement feel. Wave after wave of early retirements in the s and s increased the ratio of retired to working citizens, making the harvard business review march page 1. Work Injury Insurance 7. Best Practice Guide Tell the jurors that this is a very big and a very important case.

Solutions yhe from employeefriendly exercise. Shattering the Glass Ceiling: See the exhibit Ergonomically Optimal Tlme Rotation.

How BMW is defusing the demographic time bomb.

Public Speaking Bom new breakthrough skill to women s career success Background Women continue to trail men in achieving leadership roles in American business. In total, more than 70 changes were implemented. But it is obviously very important for employees to be engaged and to care.

Current performance stands at zero defects. Investors in People Impact Assessment. To many workers, the project seemed like yet another top-down initiative that left them with no choice but to adapt.

In Octoberboth the line s shifts were staffed with a mix of workers reflecting the plant s projected demographic composition. This successful example shows that workers who are involved in changes can make the difference. As global companies come to grips with the strategic challenges in the years ahead, they may timee that the brainpower of their workforce is the most important differentiating factor.

Let s see how Bauer and his colleagues resolved this apparent dilemma. In Canada s property and casualty insurance industry, a challenging labour market More information.


RePub, Erasmus University Repository: How BMW Is Defusing the Demographic Time Bomb

This turned out to be not only smart politics but also a practical move for the project s success. It also facilitated job rotation during xefusing shift because the tables could be quickly adjusted to suit incoming workers.

Repetitive Strain Injury Questionnaire Repetitive Strain Injury Questionnaire In order to bring a successful action in negligence against an employer an employee must prove not only a recognised medical condition which is work related but also More information.

Do you have More information. Every worker received a budget of five points to allocate among the ideas a simple process that yielded a prioritized action list for the project team. The first model they brought in was a barbershop chair.

The younger workers already on the line felt they would suffer from an influx of defuing productive people, while older workers elsewhere in the plant feared that they would become much less productive if they were taken out of their comfort zones and assigned to the pilot line. The Case Centre is dedicated to advancing the case method worldwide, sharing knowledge, wisdom and experience to inspire and transform business education across the globe.

Read this fact sheet to learn more! Ergonomics for Schoolchildren and Young Workers Schoolchildren and Backpacks Schoolchildren everywhere are being asked to carry more and more weight around on their backs. Improve your ergonomic intelligence by avoiding these issues: