The website maintained by Carl Deuker, award-winning young adult sports within the next year in sixth grade, I found your book “Heart of a Champion. Heart of a Champion. by Carl Deuker. Seth Barnam was only seven when his father died and accepting that loss was difficult. Seth wasn’t really interested in. Seth is an average teenage kid that really doesn’t know where to fit in. His father died when he was 7 so he lives with his mother. His best friend.

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I really enjoyed the characters.

Heart of a Champion – Carl Deuker’s Official Website

Jimmy is kinda of a hothead but he wants what’s best for Seth. I was actually recommended to read this book by my brother two or three years ago, but I lost the book chapmion I didn’t get very far. The conflict in this book is as the deukerr get older Jimmy starts to party all the time and at first Seth was doing the same thing but Seth stopped because he got caught.

Jimmy’s intensity and self-assurance on the playing field begin to rub off onto Seth. I would recommend this book to someone who likes baseball. Also, he never had more than 3 characters in a chapter for the most part, so it was easy to follow and never was confusing. This astonished me because I do not read books. Francis, one of the hardest teams they play, and if they win, they go to the state playoffs.


At the beginning of the book, Seth is a very shy, but by the end of the book he opens up to people and becomes confident in himself. If I would try to write a book as good as this one, I would be off by a long shot.

Although they lost the game, they prove to themselves that they were capable to win against top high schools like St. He begins skipping class, hanging out with the wrong people, and he also begins to drink.

We crashed into the wall to take away doubles and triples; we argued about balls that hit on the line; we shredded our elbows trying to throw rainbow curves and hard sliders. Jimmy is introduced to the reader when Seth was walking through the park and Jimmy asked him if he wanted to play catch with him and his dad.

Jimmy saw Seth and called him over to play. They lived in Redwood City, Los Angeles. Other than that they looked exactly alike. They handle it by just giving cham;ion time and finally talking about it. Also because it shows the importance of why you shouldn’t let things affect your careers or dreams.

Jimmy would be placed in Varsity and Seth would play for the JV team. Seth made the decision not to hang out with those aa because he could get kicked off of the team. Ultimately, one thought of Seth’s has stuck out for me. They played baseball together all the way from Little League to Babe Ruth.


As I read this book, I have to admit those were the 2 kids I visualized in my head as Seth and Jimmy. When you describe the games, it seems like I’m watching it from the stands. I enjoyed reading this book. The book is written in a first person point of view of a young teenager named Seth Barham, the main character in this novel. They started off slow but when Jimmy joined he turned everyone’s attitude around because of his worth ethic and how good he was.

Heart of a Champion

He played baseball with Jimmy and Seth. Jimmy and Seth would go to there friends house and would drink beer. The team plays cgampion game for Jimmy and they win but end up losing in the first round of the playoffs.

Jimmy was playing baseball with his Dad and he Personal Response: Seth ad Jimmy are the best of friends.

If u like baseball than you will love this book. They had it all. One day Seth walked to a park he didn’t usually go to. I could feel how badly he wanted to beat me, and that made me want to make sure he didn’t.