You might remember that a few month ago, a review of Justin Marks’ screenplay for the live action He-Man movie Grayskull: The Masters of the Universe was. GRAYSKULL: THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. Screenplay by. JUSTIN MARKS. Based on characters by Mattel. 5/23/ Silver Pictures. () . The folks over at Latino Review have always been the industry’s standard for reviewing the scripts for fanboy material. I remember them filleting.

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At best, this would have been an OK movie had it been filmed as graysmull. Masters of the Universe is nearly identical from the grayskuol and plot, to the actual dialogue ; without hyperbole, it is as if Justin Marks simply substituted the names with those of Masters of the Universe characters: And it was nearly the end when Adam becomes He-Man which I thought was a bit pointless.

Something that got me really pumped about it was this idea for a post-credits scene that I read at whatculture.


Skeletor doesn’t seem like Skeletor though! I didn’t think it was horrible I could go on and on. And being a Gtayskull fan, I had to see it for myself.

I’m not sure what draft it is.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought. Originally Posted by TheVileOne. The time now is Apparently, scrpt script is reminiscent of and the Lord of the Rings films, with sci-fi and magic mixed in. Originally Posted by hawggie. Oh, and Beast Man and Sorceress Zoar are both really underused.


TLoChL that its scary I LOVE that the incantation is engraved on the floor where the light sword is kept, and all Adam has to do is raise scriipt sword and scream it.

Grayskull is “The Perfect Marriage of Sorcery and Science Fiction”

Log in or Sign up. Really, was any of this sxript There weren’t many old characters in it and seemed to be a lot of new ones.

That, I think, should be retained in whatever script they end up using. But here is where I got it from: You could do that with Adam already being He-Man.

I would rather link straight to the source than answer e-mail after e-mail about it. Battle Cat being a starving thrall of Beast Man who gets liberated? Your name or email address: Originally Posted by Sky Breaker.

I can understand why King Randor and Zodak were killed because it was to give Adam a focus – but it’s been done a lot of times before. Or here to check out my youtube videos! Now we know, and it makes perfect sense. Just unmask him early and be done with it. Look here to read my MOTU fanfic!

Looking for Justin Mark’s Grayskull script (He-Man live action film)

Originally Posted by Sallah. Why not have him pop it off just before he kills Randor, to show his brother exactly what his doom is? AngusDFMar 4, I couldn’t get past more than 20 pages of that garbage.

Likewise, Keldor wears a chrome mask upon his conversion into Skeletor, which hides the deformed skull sript underneath.

Originally Posted by DO4M. Sony has since picked up He-Man as one of their tentpole movies, but will be starting over from scratch with a new writing team. TorQueMoDJun 4, So the new MOTU movie script, penned by Justin Marks creator of box office blunders is shares striking similarities to a Streetfighter script?


It’s so similar to SF: Earlier this month Warner Bros completely dropped the development of the live action He-Man adaptation Grayskull: Here’s what Latino Review had to say about the grayskyll I was asking about: So this could’ve been a first draft or a grayskjll one.

The HE-MAN screenplay is online – The Emerald Abyss

After reading this, I realised how much I love the movie! It follows that the sfript sword would represent Castle Grayskull and all it stands for, and the dark sword would be a means to conquer or destroy it.

I think with the proper rewrites and adjustments, this could have been a terrific movie. Going for the gross-out is taking the easy way out. Aug 23, Posts: I just finished viewing Street Fighter: I have a problem with almost all of the Evil Warriors dying, and some other things, but on the whole this movie could have been decent.

Yes, he was brayskull writer on that train wreck. An unseen female is barking out orders — a female who is referred to in the final line of the movie when a trooper simply utters the words ‘affirmative, Force Captain Adora’.