Giovanni and Lusanna: a microcosm of Renaissance Florence. Contributed by Niamh Cullen. It feels a little strange being a twentieth-century. “Set against the grindstone of social class, this story of Lusanna versus Giovanni, gleaned from the archives of Renaissance Florence, throws a floodlight on. When Gene Brucker’s. Giovanni and Lusanna was first published in , it was hailed as belonging to “new scholarly territory.”1 Microhistory was a relatively.

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Jan 22, Lizabeth J. A true tale of class-crossed lovers in Renaissance Giovann, discovered by scholar Brucker in a notary’s transcript. Due to a woman’s lower social status than men in this age, hardly anyone believed her.

The Quest for Justice 4. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Giovanni and Lusanna is the story of a marriage that may have never existed. Sep 06, Holly rated it liked it Shelves: Obviously well aand, but was not very good at bringing the reader up to speed with the culture of the time.

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This was so interesting! Aug 29, Rob rated it liked it. Mandi rated it liked it Sep 13, As part of this ongoing side-project, I came across a small, slim book in the Uffizi Gallery shop called Giovanni and Lusanna. Looking ahead for a lot more. But either way, I still really liked this book. Very interesting and suggestive archival work, luanna much is left unsaid.

Not very Rock and Roll, all witnesses. Women were also looked lsuanna upon for acting upon their urges, especially those of a sexual nature, although this was contradictory to the men of the time. I must say, I’m kind of over Oedipus. Brucker provides a great flow of events and background to the story that even those unfamiliar with the essence of Renaissance Florence will appreciate his retelling.


Aug 18, Tracy Dobbins rated it really liked it. Books Digital Products Journals.

It focused mostly on love and marriage in terms of class and gender, and I found those elements interesting. Preface to the Edition Preface to the First Edition 1.

Schoolworkhelper Editorial Team https: To be frank, I have never read a book that takes place in the Renaissance, let alone giovanin that is about love and marriage. A classic case of love ’em and leave ’em, except Lusanna sued to annul Giovanni’s match, claiming he was already married–to her. In this story Giovanni ended up having his way probably because of who he knew and what family he was a member of. By focusing on igovanni details and presenting them, as opposed to trying to fit the events into a larger story, Giovanni and Lusanna gives insight into real life in 15th century Florence and thus presents as a quintessential micro-history.

Things came to a head when Giovanni married another woman. This story nicely ruins a couple of misconceptions many a modern reader and givoanni historian unquestioningly believes in. It only takes seconds! Sep 30, Cassy rated it liked it.

There are several similarities between their world and ours, but for the most part we live in a totally different environment. You would initially think the documentation of a proper marriage ceremony would solve such an issue almost immediately, but alas, nothing seems to be that easy in the mid 14th century Florentine world.



The suit involves the daughter of a foreign born artisan, Lusannaas the plaintiff of a situation that can at its best be described as gross misunderstanding of what constitutes a marital bond. And as with any good trial thriller, there’s even lusqnna final twist, when the original decision in Lusanna’s favor is overturned by a higher court.

Brucker provides a very good discussion of how marriage traditionally worked for members of the noble and wealthier classes in Florence, as well as how marriage traditionally worked for members giovannk the artisan and working classes. The vicious and dirty back and forth legal battle is depicted splendidly by Brucker who gives us a background check on both of the leading stars and supporting cast as we try to wrestle the squirming facts into bare submission.

The Renaissance began events that led to the fall of Catholic Church, with the largest losses taking place in the 16th century.

GIOVANNI AND LUSANNA: Love and Marriage in Renaissance Florence by Gene Brucker | Kirkus Reviews

She won in the local giovnani but lost when Giovanni appealed to the higher court in Rome. Log In Sign Up. Brucker trawled through the extensive court record that still exist on the case to reconstruct a fascinating and richly textured account of the world that both Giovanni and Lusanna inhabited in fifteenth century Florence.