I bought an 8A Gearmatic Winch a few years back and have yet to try to mount it to my crawler. I have a ’59 JD crawler. Looks like it should. I Have a gearmatic 8A and the parts book and operating manual. The manual also covers the 8G. I have been able to get parts from a local JD. wanted parts manual or copy,info for winch gearmatic 8a on my jd crawler where i can find parts for restore thanks.

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All the cover bolts were snapped off except 1. Remove the three brake band retainers Round plates with two screws each looks like this may be a challenge – on mine I had to grind one broken screw off and drill and re-tap; not much meat to work with.

The winch clutch now has sufficient gap to free-wheel, and yet is close enough to have considerable “winch in” pull. Not much snow here and the ground is still too squishy.

JDcrawlers Messageboard

So basically a 12″x8″x2. Other people on this site have been very generous with their ideas, time,experiences, and solutions. There are paired alignment screws held with wires that center the bands over the clutch drum that you can’t see yet. Good luck and keep us posted. The previous gaermatic said the controls need bled, and that after sitting for long periods you would have to run winch long time until it would engage?? I think Mr Data is behind the issue!

Slow wins the race. Debug got me the this post too.

Digging deaper into my Gearmatic 8a winch – includes pictures – JDcrawlers Messageboard

Very helpful individual when it comes to the old winch. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Germatic ordered new bearings – two: I needed an Allen bolt for the hondu on the drum. Take the cover off, and with a bright light you should see any leaks on the circuit brake or clutch that was under pressure.

  GXT3 1500RT230 PDF

Them brake retainer discs are another story.

I soaked the actuator in brake fluid to get it working on mine. It can then be as long as you wish.

Parts and restoration for antique and late model John Deere crawlers. The brake cylinder does not. It is possible to bend one of the legs which will make adjustment of the clutch bands at reassembly difficult.

We both had a good laugh. It takes a long time and lots of penetrates and persuasion to free stuff up. When he asked what is was for, he said he did not know Honda made winches.

Still thinking about the inboard bearing. There is a drift dowel that holds the brake band while it expands and contracts that is exposed near the winch drum and drives out from the cable side towards the cover side – you can see it in your ugh picture.

Gearmatic 8a winch rebuild

Once the cable was off the drum, I started tapping on the 8aa with a ballpeen hammer to loosen things up, and the next thing I know, the drum was sliding off the inner bearing and off the main shaft.

Ray, does your shop do single pours? Please share your thoughts and experience. Brett, if you wanted to pay them for it, they do sometimes make patterns for outside jobs.


Gearmatic 8 A project – JDcrawlers Messageboard

Easier than a mid 50s Buick hood. The brake cylinder will run fluid down the push rod if it is leaking. Keeps things a little cleaner. I try to share part numbers when I can since it saves time.

Now I need some advice on how best to remove the inboard shaft bearing without damaging the seal. I need to pull the winch apart and see whats missing, i’m working on casting a new cover, be aluminum but hopefully it should work. Local fastener place had a bag of ten.

Go slow, it will come off. No registered users and 14 guests. If you go to Paccarwinch. Next challenge while reassembling is to get the internal fluid lines updated and sealed properly.

Don’t remember how much it was, but not expensive. I’m going to try and restore the winch on the crawler i got last month. IM beond the time in my life to learn this new stuff. The sugarhouse is a timberframe. I used self- made paper gaskets glued one side with Permatex gasket shellac, and soaked them with oil before assembling.

Paul, unfortunately 60 years of knowledge on these gearmqtic is slowly being lost, like a lot of similar older equipment. It’s likely that vibration from having the PTO gearatic and the crawler running is helping to self-bleeding the air out of the system into the controller reservoir, at least enough to get things working for a while. No registered users and 14 guests.