El Decreto de fecha 23 de abril de , publicado en Gaceta Oficial Nº el Impuesto sobre la Renta es a través de las retenciones en la fuente, es decir. Decreto Persona Natural Residente. Ejemplo: A una persona natural residente le pagan Bs. por concepto de Honorarios. RETENCIONES BASE LEGAL ley del impuesto sobre la renta Art. 87 sistema de retenciones. AGENTE DE RETENCION VENEZUELA Autores;.

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Getenciones module allows you to define what is the default function of a specific user on a given account. More information on the methodology: Creates a new tree view exlcusivie for supplier invoices. The procurement order will schedule a proposal for automatic procurementfor the product which needs replenishment. Create a group to let people share files, discuss ideas, and vote to promote best practices.

It’s usefull when you do a management by affairs, where you can attach all suppliers and customers to a project. Export to 180 reusable module. Use the segmentation, the social network integration and mass mailing features to promote your events to the right audience.

Get all your HR operations managed easily: Keep track of everything, from the big picture to the minutedetails, from the customer contract to the billing.

decreto 1808 islr pdf to excel

The second is a summary of the previous one, it only gives the spreading, for the selected Budgets, of the Analytic Accounts. This way you can control the overall holiday planning for the company or department. The marketing department will love working on campaigns. For each product template dimension a dimension value is asked.

You can define price lists in analytic account, make some theoretical revenue reports, eso. Employee can encode their own expenses and the validation flow puts it automatically in the accounting after validation by managers. The difference between the Anglo-Saxon accounting countries and the Rhine or also called Continental accounting countries is the moment of takingthe Cost of Goods Sold versus Cost of Sales.


It’s all done in just a few clicks. You will discover the Retencionds interface through a complete sale flow: It adds sales name and sales Reference on production order.

It also works to manage all kind of procurements like purchase orders. Get the insights you need to make smarter decisions. This modules only contains the enabling framework. Ddecreto shortcut dereto you to generate a sale order based on the selected case. If you install this module, you will not have to run the regular procurementscheduler anymore but you still need to run the minimum order point rulescheduler, or for example let it run daily.

This module will automatically create a new task for each procurement order line e. Our first module based on this tool.

It also adds accounting entries when mass lines are validated. It gives the Administrator user access to all accounting features such as journal items and the chart of accounts. Define automated actions e. But a service can have another workflow, create a service order and have other attributes than a usualproduct. Fields added on Invoice: In this case nointernal transfer document is needed.

It uses the profiles criteria from the earlier segmentation module and improve it. How to use it: Joomla Virtuemart eCommerce interface synchronisation. Gain insights from social media site LinkedIn to find prospects easily and load their data automatically into your address book.

This module handles tax receipt for donations. Actually retencionfs module only gives you an indicative price that you could base your sale margin upon, so that: You need to create an event each monday of the week?


This module has been tested as base for more of companies, becauseit is based in a mixtures of most common software in the Venezuelanmarket what will allow for sure to reteniones feel them first steps withOpenERP more confortable.

decreto islr pdf to excel – PDF Files

Use the dropshipping route to deliver customers directlyfrom your suppliers. This module will add this functionality by using a interim account, tostore the value of shipped goods and will contra book this interimaccount when the invoice is created to transfer this amount to thedebtor or creditor account. After installing the module, it adds a menu to define custom report in the “Dashboard” menu. Rather than overwriting all views, we prefer give only one example: This module consists in: The chatter feature enables you to communicate faster and more efficiently withyour customer.

Just follow what interests you to get the information you need what you need; no more, no less. Has been tested in the food industries process, communicating with SAP. Install this module to enable a strong link between sale and purchase prices. For some applications in the OpenERP software used by some Belgian Chamber of Commerce, we need a table regrouping countries and areas group of countries. De extra cijfers worden dan achter het rekeningnummer aangevult met ‘nullen’.

Integration take in account following assumption. You can select periods as an actual date or periods as creation date. You will discover the Open ERP interface through a complete sale flow: Create leads automatically from incoming emails.