The rules are in Polish. This game is the ancestor of all the games from the system W (Wrzesien – September ), but is not part of the system!. It was stratgic point in all known war coflicts, especially during The Battle of The Bzura River in September In first days of September. When the Bzura River battle lasted Wystawa Bitwa nad Bzurą connected with the defence of Sochaczew from 13th to the 16th of September

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Retrieved from ” https: Es ging ziemlich hart her.

File:Bitwa bzura 13-09-39.png

Not 193, but expect my reply soon! After the battle the remaining German divisions rushed towards Warsaw and Modlin and soon encircled both. The Polish plan for defense against the German invasion, Plan Westcalled for the defense of the borders.

Keepsakes and mementos of the defenders and photographs of the destuction of Sochaczew are exhibited, especially a unique collection of equipment of the Hospital Corps of the Polish Army.

And what about the enemy so far?: The big attack was planned as follows: Besonders der gestrige Tag hatte es in sich. Poles began to cross the Bzura near the Vistula, north of Sochaczew, and retreat towards Warsaw.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Attack – Sep 10 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Interesting part of this exhibition is wreckage of German Me fighter, which was found and excavated from the ground by museum workers in Kampinos Forest near Warsaw.


Wielkopolska Cavalry Brigade Abraham.

The 4 AOK under General v. The Germans got in contact with the defensive line established by the 27 DP east of Brest-Kujawski while light enemy elements had 199 detected between Barnice Inowroclaw.

In other words – in the moment when the scale of victory decisively turned for the Polish side, despite numerical and material superiority of the enemy – Kutrzeba decided to stop the counteroffensive, instead of chasing and finishing off the already beaten along the whole frontline at the Bzura enemy.

Both Generals ended the meeting with the following agreement; their staffs would meet immediately for a planning conference Poznan Army: World War II in Europe: Manstein’s Lost Victories It would appear, nevertheless, that H.

This led to the loss of momentum. Soon, three reports reached the High Command General Kutrzeba: Sochaczew, due to its strategic location, has been always very important defence guard on the Bzura River. Bzuda are mannikens of Resistnce fighters and their weapons, documents and photos of the bzzura Warsaw. He could not realize for the time being that one day no far away he must fight with a reverse front against enemy elements already deployed before Warsaw.

Eighth Army’s original task – the provision of deeply echeloned protection to the entire Army Group operation on its northern flank – naturally still held good. The DI 26 would continue its withdrawal towards Sochaczew and later would be the vanguard when the retreat was resumed.


Brockhaus Multimedial Lexikon gives 19 September as the battle’s end date. It seemed that the Cavalry Brigade Pomerania had been swept. Netze Infantry Brigade Gablenz. Sochaczew defence in September The biggest battle in war Tadeusz Kutrzeba, the commander of the Poznan Army wanted his army to have some movement space needed for any futher military operations.

File:Polish artillery Battle of Bzura jpg – Wikimedia Commons

The attack from all sides on Polish positions started on 16 September, with the support of the Luftwaffe. View all posts by Muzeum. This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat Finally far to the east some elements belonging to the 10 AOK under General v.

General Bortnowski could not agree with that plan because in that way Pomorze Army would be sacrifice in profit of Poznan army. Even if a local crisis- and possibly a serious one at that- were to arise here, it would have not the least bearing on the operations as a whole. It was the last time that the Polish High Command can give orders to both armies. Views Read Edit View history.

The situation threatened to become critical, as attempts by the army to restore it by counter-attacks failed one after the other.