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The rules are in Polish. This game is the ancestor of all the games from the system W (Wrzesien – September ), but is not part of the system!. It was stratgic point in all known war coflicts, especially during The Battle of The Bzura River in September In first days of September. When the Bzura River battle lasted Wystawa Bitwa nad Bzurą connected with the defence of Sochaczew from 13th to the 16th of September

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It was adopted as solution, the big attack, in spite of Bzrua Bortnowski thought it only would delay his retreat to Warsaw. Worth seeing are also mementos connected with the Warsaw Uprising, which broke out on the 1st of August To encircle and destroy the Polish forces, the Germans used most of their 10th Army, including two armoured, one motorized, and three light divisions, equipped with some tanks altogether.

Both Bzuea ended the meeting with the following agreement; their staffs would meet immediately for a planning conference Poznan Army: Soon, three reports reached the High Command General Kutrzeba: The counteroffensive would take place at dawn on Sep 10 In Brochow, the 25th and 17th Infantry Divisions crossed the Bzura river.

Modlin 16—19 September [1].

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There are mannikens of Resistnce fighters and their weapons, documents and photos of 199 fighting Warsaw. Eighth Army’s original task – the provision of deeply echeloned protection to the entire Army Group operation on its northern flank – naturally still held good.


W tle wysadzony most. DI 15 and DI 26 intacts; the DI 4 and DI 16 in good shape in spite of the fights along the Ossa river; DI 27 diminished after its fights within the Corridor, nevertheless it had improved its strength and got some rest; but the Army’s CO General Bortnowski had been depressed by the defeat and he was in bad relationship with his CoS due to his low capacity as a soldier at least for Bortnowski.

File:Bitwa bzura 13-09-39.png

Archived from the original on Attack – Sep 10 Der Feind griff uns gegen Abend an und hatte auch durch starken Einsatz einige Erfolge. Apart from mementos from the Battle of the Bzura River, there are items and documents of the local history bzua the Sochaczew Region from to shown on the exhibition.

Keepsakes and mementos of the defenders and photographs of the destuction of Sochaczew are exhibited, especially a unique collection of equipment of the Hospital Corps of the Polish Army.

It has been described as “the major Polish counterattack of the campaign” [6] and “the bloodiest and most bitter battle of the entire Polish campaign”. Tadeusz Kutrzeba, the commander of the Poznan Army wanted his army to have some movement space needed for any futher military operations.

Therefore General Kutrzeba outlined his plan to General Bortnowski telling him about the answer he just received from Brest-Litowsk. The situation of Pomorze Army was as follows: Blaskowitz was stretched between Kolo and the northeast of Lodz: Finally far to the east some elements belonging to the 10 AOK under General v.


The campaign bzra showed the importance of taking initiative, proved that horse cavalry units were still an important factor on the battlefield, and proved the importance of air superiority as well as confirmed that simple numerical superiority did still matter.

Cavalry Brigade “Wielkopolska” Great Poland. General Kutrzeba took both of them in order to avoid traffic jamming. But what’s about the Germans?

File:Bitwa bzura png – Wikipedia

In addition, it happened so that the moment when general Kutrzeba decided to stop his attack because of allegedly stiffening German resistanceexactly coincided with the moment when general Blaskowitz finally and decisively ordered the general retreat of his 8th Army. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Wollen erst mal sehen, ob der Polen diesen Besuch gestattet. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. The attack from all sides on Polish positions started on 16 September, with the support of the Luftwaffe.

Als wir abfuhren, waren bereits starke Feindangriffe im Gange. Discussions regarding bzuraa location of these forces Poznan and Pomorze Armies had produced a teleprinter message from O.

Pomorze Army started its retreat without delay as follows: